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Sunday July 31st Starr Talk with Sonny Starr will celebrate Elvis Week 2016.
Our guests of honor: Don Collier who starred with Elvis in “Paradise, Hawaiian Style” 1966. Jimmy Hawkins will also join us. He worked with Elvis in:  “Girl Happy” 1965, and “Spinout” 1966.

This will be a fun musical program that every Elvis fan will enjoy. Check July’s lineup on the Starr Talk for Time and listening links.



Join us Sunday night 10/4/15 at 9 pm as we kick off our 9th season in a special way on Starr Talk with Sonny Starr.We will pay tribute to film legend Kirk Douglas! Our guests will be legendary actresses Rhonda Fleming and BEVERLY WASHBURN, Stuntman Robert Herron, and Producer Stephen Bogart. Of course, John Brambora will join us with fun trivia as he always does. Airtime  is 9 PM pacific. Adjust the time in your location.Hear it on OUR FLAGSHIP STATION CBS/KKNX AM 840, web/smart phone: , worldwide over the Omni Media Networks, L.E.R.N. (Leading Edge Radio Network)-Dallas TX: & Vancouver/Portland "AM 1290".

Coming April 5th 2015

Our spring kickoff program will focus on the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll! This year Elvis would have turned 80 years old. As a tribute, we have invited TCB band member ED ENOCH of the Stamps Quartet. They were Elvis’ backup band for the entire decade of the 70s. Their hits included “Burning Love”, "Separate Ways", “Always on My Mind", American Trilogy and many more.

We will focus entirely on the 1970s, a decade where Elvis was vocally at his height. The program will be loaded with their amazing music.

Air time is Sunday at 9:05 PM Pacific. Hear the program on our flagship station CBS/KKNX, web/smart phone: , worldwide over the Omni Media Networks, L.E.R.N. (Leading Edge Radio Network)-Dallas TX.  & Vancouver/Portland "AM 1290"


Coming Sunday July 20th 2014!

We have booked a wonderful interview with
Legendary Bass player Carol Kaye. It will air Sunday July 20th 2014. She is best known for playing Bass as a studio musician in Los Angeles in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The players became known as the Wrecking Crew but Carol hates that term and never uses it. Some of the songs she is known for include, "I'm A Believer" by the Monkees, "La Bamba" by Richie Valens, "California Girls" by the Beach Boys, "The Way we Were" by Barbra Streisand, "You've Lost That loving Feeling" by The Righteous Brothers and over 10,000 more. This will be a fun production!

         Sonny is Honored by the Mayor

Sonny was honored by Springfield Mayor Lundberg for his international Classic Hollywood program, Starr Talk on September 16th. Mayor Lundberg: "I would like to thank you for presenting such positive image for the City of Springfield. Because your show is broadcast worldwide, you have become an unofficial ambassador for our wonderful city.
Your talents and expertise in historical film have also been recognized by those in the film industry"..........


Starr Talk Celebrates 300!


Join us for a night of Celebration. Its STARR TALK'S 300th episode. Sonny will be joined by co-host John Brambora as they look back on 6 great years together on the nations #1 Classic Hollywood program.

Our guest of honor will be legendary film star Tippi Hedren! She is best remebered from her starring role in Alfred Hitchcock's Classic "The Birds". The program will be loaded with past clips and fun stories. Join us as we celebrate 300!

Join us Sunday August 4th at 9:05 PM pacific. Hear Starr Talk on CBS/KKNX, web/smart phone: ,worldwide over the Omni Media Networks and LERN (leading Edge Radio Network)

Coming November 25th 2012

Join us for our Tribute to Marilyn Monroe!


The late Jane Russell will share her memories of Marilyn! Mrs. Russell was a guest on Starr Talk a few years back. Sonny walked her though her remarkable career. She shared in detail her relationship with Monroe. Very funny and insightful!

Also Joining us, the legendary Harry Carey Jr!  Mr. Carey worked with Marilyn in two of her biggest films, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Niagara. This will be a fun talk.

Again Join us Sunday November 25th at 9:05 PM Pacific time live from the West Coast. Hear it on our flagship station CBS/KKNX, on the west coast, the net: , and syndicated worldwide over the Omni Media Networks.


Sonny's recent visit to Hollywood

Sonny with film legend Rhonda Fleming

Sonny at Paramount with Producer A. C. Lyles.

Sonny was in Hollywood recently and presented legendary Producer A. C. Lyles with a copy of a tribute to the The Marx Brothers that the two had worked on together. While in town, Sonny's good friend Rhonda Fleming invited him over for lunch at her beautiful home in Beverly Hills. Sonny will be airing his 200th episode of Starr Talk in August.  



It's Our 200th episode!!!

Join us for an all-star celebration. Many of our close Hollywood friends will join us as we look back on how it all stated. We will play highlights from our past programs and go back to our very first show with Mickey Rooney!

As a little extra for you we are going to include a few bleeps and blunders. It will be a great time of celebration.

Join us Sunday 8/14/11 at 9:05 PM Pacific time, (adjust time in your Location). Hear it 
on our flagship station CBS/KKNX on the west coast, the net: and
worldwide over the Omni Media Networks. 




Coming May 15th 2011!

Join us in May as we profile Child Star June Filmer. She worked in the early days of Hollywood. Many have forgotten her name over the years. However before Shirley Temple June was a star on the rise. Among her film credits, she is best remembered for her role as Tina in "Little Women" with kathern Hepburn.

Our guest will be her son James Wyant. He has some wonderful stories to share. His grandfather, Robert Filmer, was also in the film business. He was a fine character actor who's credits include "The El Paso Kid, Cheyenne, The Walls Of Jericho, and "Tammy And The Bachelor". He also worked on all the top Television  programs of the time.

Catch it Sunday May 15th at 9:05 PM on KKNX 840am, The Net:
and simulcast worldwide over the Omni Media Networks.   

Coming in March 2011!

It's Official!!! Our all-star tribute to The Marx Brothers is coming to Starr Talk in March. We have just booked the legendary Jerry Maren who starred with them in "At The Circus" 1939. We will be announcing more additions to the show very soon.
Make sure to check back with us from time to time for all the latest news. Also Checkout our Facebook page for updates as well. If you haven't joined our family on Facebook yet, we invite you to join by clicking the (Like) button at the top of our page:
We have just added more names to our Marx Brothers Tribute.
Bill Marx, the son of Harpo, will share his incredible story. He was the oldest child and has written the book, "The Son
 Of Harpo Speaks". This should be a fun talk.                                
Also legendary Paramount Executive and producer A. C. Lyles will join us.  The Marx Brothers started their film career at Paramount.  A.C. was there to see it all. He was very close to Groucho. He will share some insights that you may have never heard.     
Finally Film Historian Bruce Crawford will be with us. He will share some
fun facts and great insight.    

Join us March 6 th at 9:05 PM Pacific time live from the West Coast. Hear it on our flagship station CBS/KKNX, on the west coast, the net: , and syndicated worldwide over the Omni Media Networks.


Join us for our big Birthday bash as Starr Talk turns 3!!!

Sunday October 3rd marks our 3 year anniversary. We have put together a program that will blow you away. We will have a live studio audience to help us celebrate.  Our featured guest will be film legend Ann Rutherford, best known for her wonderful role in "Gone With The Wind". 
John Brambora of course will join us with fun facts, plus a few surprises! We will also have some great giveaways. Plus we will introduce a new addition to the Starr Talk family. Join us for a fun night of classic entertainment.  


August - September 2010

It's Official! The legendary Ann Rutherford will join us Friday August 27th as we profile her extraordinary career. Our recording session at Sun Star Studios will be air broadcast Sunday September 10th on Starr Talk with Sonny Starr. Check the Starr talk link for all the latest developments.


Sonny had a wonderful talk with Ms. Rutherford earlier and he promises her fans won't be disappointed. "She is simply wonderful and is loaded with great stories". Her performances in "Gone with The Wind", The Christmas Carol, Pride and Prejudice", The secret Life Of Walter Mitty", The Adventures Of Don Juan, and The Andy Hardy Series have made her one of the greatest stars who ever graced the silver screen. This will be a production you won't want to miss!  

July - August 2010

                                                                              August 10th thru the 16th is Elvis week

Every year at this time a huge celebration is held at Graceland to commemorate the life and times of the King of Rock 'N' Roll. Over 100,000 fans from around the world gather for this six day event. This year is Elvis’ 75th anniversary.

Starr Talk will be part of it. Join us for part one this Sunday night August 8th at 9:05 pm Pacific time for our tribute to the one and only…Elvis Presley!


Our guest will be Elvis Presley's Step-brother Rick Stanley. Ricks mother married Elvis' father Vernon  in 1960. Rick and his two brothers moved into Graceland that same year. Elvis was very happy having the boys with him. He told Rick "I always wanted a brother, now I have three". Join us for a fun look back. We will also go back to 1977, the day Elvis passed away,  and listen to actual footage from Sonny's original recordings. Plus we will play plenty of Elvis' music.

On Sunday August 15th our guests will include the . The legendary Jimmy Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins starred with Elvis in both "Spinout" and "Girl Happy". He was very close to Elvis and has some fun behind the scenes stories to share. The thing that is very special about Mr. Hawkins is the great piece of trivia surrounding his life. He is best known as James Stewarts youngest son in the mega classic "It's A Wonderful Life"!  Also joining us will be the legendary Julie Adams. She was his leading lady in the picture "Tickle Me". She is a fun and entertaining lady and has some great stories to tell. We will also have a live remote from Graceland.

Join us for a fun night loaded great music! Both Sunday the 8th and the 15th at 9:05 pm. You can hear it on CBS affiliate KKNX on the west coast, worldwide on the internet: , and syndicated over the international Omni Media Networks.


May 2010

Join us in June as we kick off the summer in style with film and television legend James Best!

James Best is best remembered as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane in "The Dukes Of Hazzard". However that only scratches the surface of his incredible career. James worked on over 83 feature films over the years. He worked with some of biggest stars in film history.

His film credits include, five films with James Stewart; “The Cain Mutiny”, with Humphrey Bogart; five westerns with Audie Murphy, “Ride Lonesome” with Randolph Scott; “Firecreek” with Henry Fonda and James Stewart, “The Naked and the Dead”, “Cimarron Kid”, “Seminole” with Rock Hudson and Anthony Quinn, “Sounder”, and three films with Burt Reynolds.

In the film “Gator” he served as Associate Producer and script writer. In “The End” he helped write and direct while Reynolds was on camera, which accounted for 95% of the film. In “Hooper” he co-stared and did the re-writes on the script.

April 2010


Sonny attended a great silent film festival Saturday 4/17/10. It featured Legendary silent screen and vaudeville star Diana Serra Cary who is best known as...Baby Peggy.  She spoke to the crowd after the screening of her picture "The Family Secret"-1924.
Diana was one of motion pictures first child stars and became the worlds most recognized entertainer. She went on to become one of the top vaudeville stars as well. By the 1950's she moved into writing and became a top selling author and leading expert on early Hollywood history.

Diana with Sonny  
Diana (Baby Peggy) 1920's
Magazine Cover.
Diana talking to the crowd after the showing of her film.


March 2010

Starr Talk can now be heard on the Omni Media Network. Our 9 PM Live Sunday night broadcast will be simulcast on three of their networks. The Classic Car Golden radio Network, The Beyond Channel and Hound Dog Radio. Use this link to hear the show on the net:
We are also pleased to announce that the following radio stations will be carrying Starr Talk as well: We Welcome Omni's flagship stations in Portland FM 98.1 and 1610 AM. We also welcome listeners in Albany Oregon. Catch the show on 1610 AM and FM 89.3. In addition we welcome listeners from Aumsville Oregon. You can hear us at 1610 on your AM dial. Finally we welcome WQVR 1640 AM in South Bridge MA.


February 2010

Humphrey Bogart's career is "what dreams are make of."

As you know we have put together a tribute to his legendary life. Who better to invite and discuss his personal life then his oldest son Steve Bogart.   
  Plus one of his favorite co-stars, the legendary Joan Leslie. She starred in both (High Sierra) and (The Wagons Roll At Night).

You can pick up your free copy of this historic production right now! It's free of charge, only a small shipping and handling fee. This production takes you through Mr. Bogart's entire life and career including a number of sound clips from his biggest films. Plus Sonny and John will share some fun facts and great trivia.


Sonny was taken on a private tour of the Warner Brothers lot a few years back. He was shown the building that was used as Ricks Café in the legendary picture (Casablanca).  He was also taken to their museum and shown the piano used during the song, 'As Time Goes By'. Also on display was one of the falcons used during the shooting of (The Maltese Falcon).

February 2010

John Wayne Revisited!

Sun Star studios is pleased to announce that a tribute is planned for the film legend John Wayne, It will air on Starr Talk
Sunday February 21st at 9 pm on KKNX on the west Coast and worldwide on the net:
We aired a tribute to Mr. Wayne some time back. However we are planning a whole new show with a huge list of stars! This may be the largest gathering of Classic stars in radio history! The list includes James Arness, Harry Carey JR., Frankie Avalon, Stuntman Dean Smith, A Clip from Maureen O'Hara, Terry Moore and Executive and Producer AC Lyles.
Join us as the stars come out to honor the legendary John Wayne. 

January 2010

On Sunday January 24th a wonderful event is coming your way. It's Starr Talks tribute to Donna Reed.

Her daughter Mary Owen will join us to share some great inside information into her home life and the incredible films her mother made over the years. Also joining us will be film and television great, Paul Petersen. He has some fun stories regarding his role as Donna Reeds son on the 'Donna Reed Show'. It should be a night to remember!
Join us  Sunday 1/24/10 at 9 pm on KKNX and on the net:



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