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Welcome to Sun Star Studios

Sun Star is a working studio currently producing Starr Talk With Sonny Starr and For The Record, featured on FSI. We produce the monthly movie review newsletter, "Sun Star At The Movies."  Check for details. 

Film historian, celebrity talk show host, and columnist Sonny Starr is our studio head. He became know to the public during his 17 year run as host of the popular radio program Bookreview.

Starr currently hosts the nations #1 Classic Hollywood Talk show Starr Talk. Over the years he has had the pleasure of speaking with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. Check out this site for some wonderful interviews available to you - free!!!!

Starr’ column, "Classic Hollywood at a Glance", deals with the people behind the many forms of classic media. Film, television, or the music industry - the men and women who paved the way were the cornerstone on which Hollywood was built.

Be sure to check out  the “Sun Star  film of the month"Each month we will suggest a classic film, hand picked by Sonny. With each suggestion, Sun Star will make available an interview featuring a star from the film.  Sun Star also has a music label. Check for all the details.  We hope you enjoy your time with us.  Remember to visit all the other great features Sun Star has to offer.  And don’t forget to check out our merchandise. 

Starr Talk Sponsors

Advertise with the #1 Classic Hollywood Entertainment Source !    

Hi...This is your announcer John Brambora.

Starr Talk is the top rated Classic Hollywood program in the country and around the world. We would like to invite you to advertise on this program. You would be reaching a worldwide audience. As you know we have many wonderful and loyal listeners. It's a great chance for you to get the word out about your products or services.

We also have a great website and the wonderful monthly classic Hollywood publication "Sun Star At The Movies". Both are perfect options for you to advertise as well. You will be pleasantly surprised how affordable it really is!

Not only will you be promoting your product to a large and loyal audience but you will be supporting Classic Hollywood at the same time! Please contact us at Email Us or Phone (541) 221-3780.

Also remember that Sonny Starr is available to speak at your event or function. Thanks for your support.

Sun Star would like the thank Legend Films for their sponsorship of "Starr Talk with Sonny Starr." Legend is the leader in film restoration and colorization technology. They have partnered with all the major Hollywood studios in restoring and updating your favorite Classic films. Check out Legend Films wonderful web site for all the latest news and a the list of films available to you!

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From The Stars

"Sonny, I'm delighted to talk to you. Thank you very much."
-Ray Harryhausen
....."All my best wishes."

-Elizabeth Taylor
"Sonny....Best wishes and
happy reading."
-Shirley Temple Black
"Sonny....I want to thank you, and keep in touch."
-Bob Hope
"Thanks so much for having me on the show. I appreciate it. Thank you very much."
-Debbie Reynolds
"Thank you very much Sonny....I was really glad to talk, Thanks to you."
-Jane Russell
"Sonny, You have many, many listeners. You have a soulful show and I thank you...thanks buddy."
-Tony Orlando
"Nice to be here. Thank you Sonny...... I was really glad to talk, Thanks to you."
-Andy Williams
"Sonny....I want to wish you good luck."
-Ann Miller
"Sonny, Best wishes."
-Janet Leigh
"Sonny, I have really enjoyed talking with you."
-Shirley Jones
"I enjoy coming on your show. We'll encore Later. Thank you Sonny."
-Pat Boone
"Sonny, Thanks again for having me on your show.......You really know Your stuff....I enjoyed myself thanks to you."
-Beverly Garland
"Sonny, It was just wonderful talking with you. You Know, being in this business, you have many wonderful friends that you meet."
-Margaret O'Brien
"Sonny, I can't tell you how nice it was to hear from you......My day's are busy from morning to
night and there is never a dull moment here at Casa Loco. I keep telling my friends that I'll have to go back to work to get some rest....."
-Doris Day
"Thank you, Thank you very much Sonny.... That's awfully nice of you to mention that....Thank you very much. Jan and I send our very best to everybody, and God bless America."
-Mickey Rooney
Sonny....."May God bless."

-Dick Van Dyke
"This was the finest interview I've had in my career. It's an honor to know you"

-Rhonda Fleming
"Sonny...anything you want my good friend. It's always good talking with you. Bless your heart, your show is just so informative and I listen to a lot of my good friends on it. I'm delighted and honored to be a part of it."

-Paramount Pictures
Executive and Producer,
A.C. Lyles
"Well You're certainly up in everything. And Sonny it's been wonderful speaking with you and talking with you. I wish you all the best with the show."

-Terry Moore
"I love your part of the country. We did my favorite Gunsmoke episode along the Rogue River.

.....I thank you Sonny and it was good talking with you. It was my pleasure".

-James Arness
"Thank you Sonny....It's an honor to be a part of your great show."

-David Martin, Chief executive
officer with Legend Films.

"It's always fun to talk with you Sonny. I'm happy to know that Starr is your real last name!"

-Phyllis Diller 

"Sonny thanks so much to 'Star Talk' and your listeners for including me in your roster of classical stars to remember. I have so many wonderful, loyal fans who have supported me and my career in the motion picture business over the years….Thanks so much and God Bless you all."

-Maureen O'Hara Blair

Coming Soon! 

Bookreview With Sonny Starr
 The Collection! Sonny was Host of the popular program, Bookreview  for 17 wonderful years. Now for the first time, Sun Star Studios is offering a box set  highlighting 10 of these entertaining programs. Watch for the release date.

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